Wildlife Conservation Society Gala with Thomas Preti Caterers


On June 11th 2015, the Wildlife Conservation Society held its annual gala at the Central Park Zoo to celebrate its significant role in protecting vulnerable marine species. For a cause that’s so important, Something Different Party Rental and our partner, Thomas Preti Caterers, were on the scene!


Putting together an event of this magnitude is usually very stressful and our partners rely on SDPR to take the stress away.  We have created standardized processes that allow us to ensure very minimal margin for error. Our glassware and china is washed, visually inspected and then labeled with the initials of its inspector, allowing us to track back errors and provide corrective training actions. We have two way radios to our drivers and GPS tracking on all of our trucks, ensuring accountability every step of the way.  Our standardized packing and labeling process allows our partners to easily locate and identify the things they need when they need them.  SDPR takes care of every detail, from labeling our 60 inch round tables with “SDPR 60R” to packing our trucks according to exact delivery instructions from our partners.

Our team set the 60 inch round tables in the main tent, where they were draped in our Cornsilk linen and surrounded by our white resin folding chairs. Our 8 foot tables created bars for the adults, while our kiddie tables seated the youngsters. Hot dog and ice cream carts were rolled in and provided classic summer treats.  None of this could have happened without first creating a state of the art outdoor kitchen complete with proofing cabinets, baker’s racks and ovens.  In the kitchen and serving the guests, Thomas Preti’s team was able to focus on working their culinary magic, without the worry and hassle of missing items, dirty items, late deliveries or items in wrong locations (problems that can drive a caterer wild). The end result? Delighted guests, a memorable celebration, and another seamless order.


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