Seth Goes to The Canton Fair

IMG_0002The Canton Fair is the largest trade-show in the world and has the most complete variety of products on display at any one time. This past October, our Chief Difference Officer, Seth Stern, was in attendance and went shopping!

One of our top priorities at SDPR is to constantly identify and source the planet’s most timeless, relevant and unique assortment of product that can be used in the special events market. Seth travels the world in search of these items, acting as a trusted partner and resource for our partners as they strive to create the planet’s most unique and discerning events.

Having arrived in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, Seth was greeted by our SDPR China sourcing representative. Together, they went to the Canton Fair where they viewed exotic styles of chinaware, flatware and chairs. For two days, Seth attended the fair, searching for new looks to bring back for our partners’ events. While he spoke with many foreign suppliers at the show, the trip was not complete without a visit to some of our primary suppliers in other parts of the country. A porcelain supplier, two chair companies and a flatware manufacturer were also on the list of visits Seth made while in China.

The SD Reserve Collection is a special collection of our latest and most design forward items which are curated with our top partners in mind. After every sourcing trip, the new items which we procure are added directly into the SD Reserve Collection as a first stop on their journey into the special events market. For the first 30 days after arrival, this collection of design forward product is  available exclusively to our top partners. So the question is: what did Seth bring back this time? Only time will tell!


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