New York Magazine’s Taste

This past November 10th, New York Magazine held their annual Taste event at The Waterfront. Something Different Party Rental supplied nearly 12,000 pieces of glassware for Taste. We provided tables, chairs, chafers, sternos, coolers, proofers, induction burners, and sheet pans for the various tasting stations in attendance. With over 40 of New York’s most renowned restaurants and mixology bars catering Taste, organization and process were key to the event’s success.

While SDPR is known for our quality product and resourceful people, continual improvement is central to our philosophy. It is up to Irene Katsaros, our Director of Operations, and Chris Ziglobicki, our Director of Process Improvement and Assistant Director of Operations, to continually refine our warehousing and on-the-road operations processes. The complexity of this event made it clear to Irene and Chris that accuracy and product recovery logistics would be a vital place to reexamine processes. With over 200 pieces of made-to-order Charcoal colored SD Spun linen at the event (not including work cloths, napkins, and garbage pail covers), they identified linen to be a process refinement focal point.

The first refinement in our linen process was created to improve order accuracy through our linen labeling system. In the past, our linen had always been wrapped in plastic, inspected and labelled with a sticker indicating the date and inspectors initials. However, confusion could be caused by stickers falling off of the proper bags and getting stuck to the wrong bags.  These sticker labels could also be difficult to find on the bag.  Our new linen labeling method uses a plastic link and hanging tag, rather than a sticker. Our new tagging method is much more secure and prevents disappearing labels. These new tags, which hang from the same spot on each linen, also make finding labels much easier for our clients and our warehouse personnel and thus, ensure that our clients receive the proper linen for their requested orders.

2015-11-25 17.13.54

The second improvement to our linen process was created to aid in product recovery through our post-event cleanup process. In the past, linen was often gathered and collected into garbage bags after an event. This sometimes created confusion and led to linens being thrown out. Other times, linens were stuffed into proofing cabinets. This created difficulties later in locating the linens and could even ruin the linen. We wanted our post-event process to be as easy as possible for our partners. We identified that, in order to to this, we needed to provide our clients with the proper tools to return linen in an organized manner. To ensure that all linens were properly removed from the venue immediately after the event’s conclusion, we sent new orange linen bags with the order (which you may have seen on our Instagram).

2015-11-25 17.10.38
These bright orange linen bags are easy to spot for our customers’ sanitation teams, as well as our pickup team.  We have instructed our pickup teams to count and place all linens in our orange SDPR bags, which are also tagged with the event name and contract number, assuring proper credit once returned in our inbound counting process. With two major improvements in our linen process, SDPR was ready for Taste! The event went off without a hitch and the return process was measurably more accurate. SDPR can’t wait to partner with New York Magazine’s amazing team again next year!

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