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Pictured Left – Right:  (Top Row) Wil Durango, Seth Stern, Juan Molina.  (Front Row) Elaine Easton, Samantha Sajban, Christina Michelucci, Luiggy Estrella, Irene Katsaros, Omira Navarro, Susan Lieberman, Carmel Tortora


Seth Stern – Chief Difference Officer

Seth is the owner of the company and he knows how to get his hands dirty.  Seth loves to work side by side with his employees. From pressing freshly cleaned linen at the flatiron to discussing new partnership integration with our customer care team he is a great example of leadership.

Favorite Part of My Job: Creating and developing a world class team of employees that are obsessed with making all of the difference in our partners companies and their events.

Guilty Pleasure: Domino’s – A Brooklyn style pizza with extra robust tomato sauce, pepperoni, sausage, and pineapple. Since he’s always watching his figure, he of course loves to wash his pizza down with a Diet Coke!


Irene Katsaros – Director of Operations

Irene started with the company as Customer Services Supervisor but with her expertise in all things warehouse she has moved into her role as Director of Operations. She has made all the “Difference” with new processes and procedures by bringing a higher level of consistency to everything our Operations Center does.

Favorite Part of My Job: Finding solutions for difficult problems

Guilty Pleasure: Eating a slab of bacon & buying from Amazon Prime


Wil Durango – Operations Leader

Wil is no young buck when it comes to event rentals. He has been in the industry for 29+ years and his knowledge of venues, products, and procedures makes him our go-to guy for teaching our various teams how to execute with precision.

Favorite Part of My Job: Assisting in load-ins at highly complex events while ensuring our standards of quality and service for our partners.

Guilty Pleasure: Eating pizza at the movies


Luiggy Estrella – Operations Supervisor

Luiggy can work in many different areas of Something Different but you are mostly likely able to find him routing the trucks and scheduling the drivers for the next day’s deliveries and pickups.

Favorite Part of My Job: Tracking the trucks and making sure the trucks get to their destinations on time.

Guilty Pleasure: Playing the video game FIFA 2015 (never at work!)


Susan Lieberman – Process Improvement Manager

Susan wears many different hats here at something different; Human Resources Generalist, Process engineering and continual quality improvement, hiring new employees, and even nurse.

Favorite Part of My Job: Training new employees

Guilty Pleasure: Her 3rd glass of wine.


Elaine Easton – Director of Accounting

Elaine is one of the newest members of our team and she immediately fit in and got to business. She’s capable and tough and loves to help our partners pay us on time!  Oh, she keeps our employees getting paid on time too!!!

Favorite Part of My Job: Working with numbers and being able to work closely with all of our customers as well as learning about different products.

Guilty Pleasure: Reading Books (Motor Cycle Club Romance Books)


Samantha Sajban – Director of Customer Care

Sam is the youngest of our crew and knows no bounds when it comes to working hard.  She’s such an important spoke in the wheel of our team that we call her the Golden Child. (GC for short) Sam came to us fresh out of college and wants to help our clients execute the best events possible.

Favorite Part of My Job: working directly with clients from start to finish and ensuring their orders are produced correctly and efficiently

Guilty Pleasure: Eating Ben & Jerry’s Hazed and Confused ice cream and watching Married at First Sight


Christina Michelucci – Account Manager

Christina came to Something Different from the rental industry and immediately felt right at home here. Christina loves to use her passion for design by helping our partners to plan and execute a perfect event atmosphere.

Favorite Part of My Job: Connecting with clients and seeing the end result of our collaboration

Guilty Pleasure: Listening and watching Boy Bands and watching Reality TV